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Many of us would like to keep a diary or a journal of our daily activities, but who has the time to sit and write every day? MyTimes makes it easy and simple to keep track of the basic elements of your day. The appointments you had, the pictures you took, the notes you wrote, all in one place, gathered for you, logged by date. Instant journal with minimal effort. Keeping a daily journal has been made easy and fast with MyTimes.
Your wedding, special dates, children born, social events, your thoughts, your schedule. All captured permanently for review forever after. Want to give your posterity a forever gift? Use MyTimes to store your life.
Fast, easy, instantaneous journal entries make MyTimes a perfect platform for anyone too busy to sit down and write pages of words to describe their day.
Pictures, notes, even your calendar items flow easily into MyTimes for a permanent, digital record of your day. View entries from the past easily. Add items to past days, make MyTimes your treasured repository of your life.
Safe, digital cloud storage not affected by weather, mold, catastrophe’s, image fade, or any other environmental effect of decay.
Share your MyTimes with loved ones to combine memories with MyTimes

Keep track of your calendar

Add notes, reminders or journal entries

View your daily agenda

See the photos you have saved

About Us

Journaling is one of the best ways to connect generations. But, let’s be honest, it is tedious and inconvenient to sit down at the end of a day to make a comprehensive review of what went on that day. Sitting down once a week to recap is a great way to forget the details that so often are the essence of our happiness. MyTimes makes it so easy. Pictures to remember events. Calendar to remember your schedule.

Meet The Founder

Jef has a Bacehlor's degree in Business Management and experience selling commercial real estate and managing agricultural enterprises. He started a broadband internet company, migrated to consulting, and is now a project manager on complicated and exciting development and manufacturing projects.

He spends his spare time as a pilot, working in the yard, rockhounding, and spending time with his grandchildren.
I have always had the desire to keep a personal journal. I dreamed of a way to make keeping track of my day easier, until the concept of MyTimes came to mind. It occurred to me that I am already documenting much of my day, just by the calendar I keep, and the photos I take. Now, all these things come together in one place with MyTimes.
- Founder Jef Gallacci

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